Wedding Season coming to an end!
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Wedding Season coming to an end!

Wedding Season coming to an end!

It has been a long but fabulous wedding season and although we still have a couple of wedding celebrations ahead in June it is soon all coming to an end. I LOVE getting married again every weekend and dreaming with my brides of their perfect wedding, beautiful flowers and decor, fun times celebrated with family and friends and happy times at new places. We have been lucky enough this season to work at some of our favourite venues, Old MacDaddy, Mofam River Lodge, Rockhaven, South Hill, Gabrielskloof and Beaumont Farm – of course all in our amazing Elgin Valley. In the Valley time stands still over wedding weekends where guests already start the celebrations on a Friday and keep going till Sunday. Some special family farm weddings in the Elgin Valley at Shannon wines, Glen Fruin and Boesmansrug. We are blessed that our business is situated here among the Apple Orchards, unbelievable wines and Country Hospitality.

Of course we love visiting away from home at Rickety Bridge, Vrede & Lust, Hidden Valley, La Vierge, Blaauklippen to name a few and new places found like Villa James and Mosselberg Guesthouse.

Our website has been neglected terribly but so easy to do when our focus is on making dreams come true 🙂

I am ready to get to admin, dusting off my desk and getting stuck in with showcasing our work, weddings and all we have to offer in terms of hiring items.

We start planning now for the next season, start dreaming of Spring weddings and booking the summer months weekends! Winter is not going to be long enough with all we want to get done but counting the sleeps till Spring comes and our showroom is again filled with seasonal flowers and buzzing to get ready for the weekend!

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